We are the group which provide all trainings with live projects in every sector. We at CTL 

(Cinif Technologies Limited) believe in making things happen as the country's premier IT and Telecom service provider. CTL is of the forefront of telecommunications industry with our core focus on next generation telecom technologies. We offer specialized practical training on advanced wireless communications as well.

We are the pioneers in 2G, 3G & 4G trainings in North India (Chandigarh / Gurgaon) and having completed years successfully of operations and achievements, we are still standing strong and contributing positively towards technology and nation building.

CTL provides theoretical, live and practical traning programs on numerous telecom projects.

  • RF Planning
  • Complete RF Survey
  • Installation and Commissioning of Microwave Antenna.
  • Installation and Commissioning of BTS.
  • Installation and Commissioning of FIBCOM.
  • Installation and Commissioning of IDU & ODU.
  • Installation and Commissioning of GSM, FEEDER CABLE WITH 3 SECTORS.
  • Installation and Commissioning of CDMA SITES.
  • RF Drive Test.
  • DG Set.
  • SMPS.
  • Main Supply Transformer.
  • Sub Station.
  • AC.
  • BTS Alarm with GSM.
  • Microwave Antenna.
  • BTS to BSC / MSC Connectivity.
  • Inter - City SDH Wireless back Haul Requirements.
  • RF & BTS Parameter Collection.
  • Deployment Plan.
  • EMF Calculation using Formula (Software Based).
  • Identify RF Restricted Areas Where over exposure is a Possibility.
  • Documentation & Report Generation.
  • Program Management & Project Planning.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) / Microwave (MW) site Surveys.
  • Installation and Commissioning of Antennas and Antenna Lines.
  • Installation and Commissioning and Integration of Base Stations, Microwave Links and Fixed Transmission Equipment.